Here's where I'm at...

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Here's where I'm at...

Post by Revilo410 on 10/20/2013, 5:05 am

Well guys, you will probably have noticed I have been a lot less active lately, and I think its probably about time I got this post up. Basically this is my main year of exams (GCSE's - Year 11) and I have a LOT of study I'm doing. On top of this I'm a keen programmer and am currently working on a lot of my Computing coursework, and on top of them I have to remember 5 dances for a dance show and prepare for my mock exams as well as my real ones. Not a fun time for me atm, Im getting next to no sleep thinking about all of this and I'm feeling 'defeated' at the moment. I don't want to leave Oasis and I am not going to but I will be a lot less active. I am going to pull out my jrmod app because I cannot put in the amount of time at the present, but I will keep trying to work on my Palace as I want see that finished.

I will try to come on once a day but it might end up being once every other day or something like depending on my work load that week. Luckily the holidays are coming up and I should get a big of a break, although I still need to revise and do extra work. And remember dance routines :3. But thats where I'm at.

I hope to see you all on in the few chances I get, and hope to resume my usual inactivity ASAP but atm its not going to happen any time in the near future.

I'm really annoyed that I am having to stop gaming as much and a lot of other things I usually do but school first, and previous commitments I have such as my dance show this christmas. 

I hope you are all well and I will be on the second I ever get a break from work!

~Ollie =)


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Re: Here's where I'm at...

Post by Xhoblophone on 10/20/2013, 2:09 pm

Sounds like high school is pretty hectic, good luck getting through your stuff bro. Makes me so nervous for high school. Ah well, got to do it if you want to go anywhere in life. Hope to have you back normally soon!Cool
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