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bmxfloris Guide Application.

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bmxfloris Guide Application. Empty bmxfloris Guide Application.

Post by Leagle 5/3/2011, 7:22 pm

Hello People.
Here is my Guide application.

Minecraft username: bmxfloris

Real Name: Jeroen Verplanke

How long have you been on THIS server?: since, Jan, 06. 2011.

How long do you plan to be on THIS server?: as long as the server is up. (i try minimum 1 hour/d)

Name anyone of a Higher Rank then Veteran(Donators cannot vouch) who would vouch for you:
- saeTan
- InvertPanda
- Berezur
- XxLegendxX98

- bamby2727
- Kingnothing_01
- sainteven
- Ariley92
(tell me if i am wrong though.)

Why do you deserve Guide Rank?: ouch.. uhm, let's see.
1. I am nice to everyone (i don't care if you are an a-Hole or not, i will still treat you with Respect.)
2. I wan't to help people, when i Can help.
3. I am becomming more helpfull. (first i was someone like: i first build for me self and then i build for others, i am buzy changing that.)
4. I know how to act, react and behave on common/uncommon situations.
5. I know the rules very well.
6. I'm also 1 of the players who is playing longer on Oasis than the average people who come across this server.
7. scratch

So... you gonna Vouch or what.?
bmxfloris Guide Application. 2gwcqq9
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