New plugin kiddies! PORTABLE HORSES!

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New plugin kiddies!  PORTABLE HORSES! Empty New plugin kiddies! PORTABLE HORSES!

Post by Paxination 10/8/2013, 6:07 am

Video tutorial for you!

This plugin will let you save your horses info to a special saddle that you can craft.  It saves everything!  Name, type, armor and even inventory!  It saves it to the saddle when you place the special saddle on the horse.  To store the horse safely just remove the saddle from the horse and its stored back in the saddle!

The saddle can be crafted by placing a saddle in the middle and surround with enderpearls.

Have fun and enjoy!


You cant spawn the horse in regions where mob spawning is turned off. LIke spawn. You can try, it wont spawn and you wont lose it.
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