Pete11113 and trax_e_rev, the "Un-building team"

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Pete11113 and trax_e_rev, the "Un-building team" Empty Pete11113 and trax_e_rev, the "Un-building team"

Post by 4emersons on 9/16/2013, 5:49 pm

There is a farm that has been greifed, the 2 names I heard for the greifer were Pete11113 trax_e_rev.  The farm is a little bit south of the Jungle warp.  Coords are:  x 3495  and z 3600.  I am confused about how to post screenshots to the forums without imgur, so I didn't, but I am hoping that the cords are enough.  68flashes is the person who told me this, and I did see Pete saying that trex did 100% of the greifing, even though according to 68flashes, Pete stole the beacon but put it back.

EDIT: I AFK'd there while posting this, and when I came back, both Pete11113 and trax_e_rev  were there griefing more.  including the beacon, emerald blocks, and melons, in addition to what they griefed before. They also griefed baconman's house nearby that farm and someone, not saying publicly who did it, spawned a wither there to try to help convince them to leave.  They even called themselves the "Un-building team" aka griefin 12s.

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Pete11113 and trax_e_rev, the "Un-building team" Empty Re: Pete11113 and trax_e_rev, the "Un-building team"

Post by Guest on 9/16/2013, 8:08 pm

Pax banned them *o*


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