Dumbest griefer ever

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Dumbest griefer ever

Post by ThunderHorse on 9/4/2013, 6:50 pm

Ok so Im not going to report them or anything i dont care about the damage they did Gweedo fixed it for me already. Anyway so i go into my horse stables and i see a hole in the wall and see my iron golem is missing along with both mooshrooms. I had a chest sitting right there and it didnt have a lockette on it and it was full of diamond, gold, and iron horse armor along with about 5 saddles, 10 leads, alot of hay and water (cause im trusted rank so i can spawn it) and they never touched any of it and i had 3 horses in the stables there all wearing saddles and diamond horse armor except 1 which had iron horse armor on. They went untouched. The only damage done was a hole in the wall my iron golem missing and both mooshrooms dead and nothing else was touched. I cant help but laugh they had the perfect chance to steal over 2000 coins worth of stuff and they choose to kill my mooshrooms and iron golem and put a hole in the iron golems pen. What an idiot this bring dumb grievers to a whole new level
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