Nature's Terrible Day

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Nature's Terrible Day

Post by natureluvver on 9/3/2013, 8:38 pm

So today was a TERRIBLE day for me... I tried to go to school on only 1-2 hours of sleep when I normally get 6-9 hours. So obviously that is bad as is it. But today I just went off on anyone who gave me even the slightest reason. I pissed off my bestfriend and told her to fuck off, same goes with the girl i had a crush on. I've been wanting to slam my head against a wall repeatedly to see which would break first(not kidding). I can't stop thinking that I am the reason for my parents divorce(I can explain why if you guys want). At least 10 people told it wasn't(including my father) but I keep thinking I am. Literally, I am having an extremely hard time typing this because of the tears in my eyes. And for those of you who will comment things like " Oh he is only posting this to get attention", you can go screw yourselves. I could careless about the attention I get, I am just hoping to calm myself down by venting here or maybe find someone who will listen to me vent. With that being said, I am gonna take a break from not only Oasis, but minecraft in general... Only because I don't want the wrong people on Oasis to get on my bad side causing me to do something that I would regret. I don't know how long this break will be but I might check in once in a while if I think I am calm enough to do so. With that being said, I will now take my leave for today, only to be back to look at the replies on this post. Thank you.
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