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Ban Appeal: cornhustlah and PureKreation

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Ban Appeal: cornhustlah and PureKreation Empty Ban Appeal: cornhustlah and PureKreation

Post by cornhustlah 8/26/2013, 3:48 pm

Minecraft usernames: 
cornhustlah and PureKreation

Mod/Admin who banned you: 
Davidmich (<-not sure about this)

Reason you were banned: 
Xray Mod

Reason you believe we should be unbanned:
So, I wasn't on earlier but PureKreation just called me and said that while online an admin came up to him and accused us of using Xray Mod (this thing is news to me- we arent exactly advanced MC players..) in order to find a skeleton spawner that we came across. He stated that it was too coincidental that our lil' house was so close to the spawner and banned us both right then.

First off, we built the house there only because it seemed reasonably far enough away from other player's turfs. We had no clue the skeleton spawner was there before we decided to set up shop. Second, how could we install a mod on the server in the first place??? I know of the old "transparent" texture packs, but ever since the update to 1.6.2, neither of us have changed from the default texture pack at all.

The spawner was an awesome find, but that's all it was, a random find. Hell, I was surprised by how close to the surface it was! 

So, what do we do now? We haven't bothered anyone or griefed anything. We put in some decent work on our spot and now are banned for a false accusation. Can this issue be resolved somehow? 



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Ban Appeal: cornhustlah and PureKreation Empty Re: Ban Appeal: cornhustlah and PureKreation

Post by Davidmich 8/26/2013, 4:04 pm

Ok, I'll give you both another chance, but I will be watching you both, and going through your logs with CoreProtect.


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