Greifing issues getting old

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Greifing issues getting old

Post by ThunderHorse on 8/24/2013, 4:42 pm

For the third time i log on to find all animals griefed this time they killed all of my horses, my mooshroms, stole all my crops, and broke into my house.
Is there anyone who would be willing to help change my animals stables to all bedrock to try to cut back on some of this greifing. I lost my prized horse which had max health and jump and i cannot afford to keep having this happen now im stuck with all white horses and i had a variety of colors but i will soon have them back. But anyway is there any staff who could help me come up with a way to keep greifers from killing my livestock. Maybe a bedrock pen for every animal i have cause this is getting very old and annoying and is stressing me out. Right now i am desperate to find a way to stop all my animals from being killed and willing to try everything to keep them safe
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Re: Greifing issues getting old

Post by Guest on 8/24/2013, 5:41 pm

10 minutes. you spammed helpop for 10 minutes after we said we were busy with build off and to wait for someone availble.
Anyways its fixed. Someone available in game fixed it when they logged on.
Try being patient instead of rushing to forums.

On another note, I'll see what I can do for the bedrock pens... this is why we encourage people to not build near portals ;-;


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