Pokemon X and Y: Mega Evolution and New Pokemon Game Looks

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Pokemon X and Y: Mega Evolution and New Pokemon Game Looks

Post by AppleInYourFace on 8/11/2013, 1:50 am

Oh man Apple's about to go all Pokemon geek on you. Are you ready? If you do not know most of this
stuff I suggest pokemon.com, thejwittz, and Tamashii to get up to speed on the latest Pokemon news.
By the way these are my opinion I'd like yours in the comments. :)

To be completely honest the newest CoroCoro scans (CoroCoro is a Japanese magazine that features Pokemon news.) are pretty impresive but really Mega Ampharos (an Electric and Dragon Type) just looks like they added hair. 

Though I disagree with this Mega Ampharos I do agree with Mega Absol. Absol has aways needed an evolution but there is a down side to Mega Evolution, that is they evolve during battle and change back to the normal Pokemon when the battle ends. The new Mega Absol design is really just more hairy and has wings but anything is good for such an awesome Pokemon that just can't carry his own weight.

Oh Jez Pokemon has gone into dangerous territory they are messing with the classic Pokemon. We all know our awesome Mewtwo in the Red, Blue, and Yellow versions well the Mewtwo is making it's return in Pokemon X and Y. As WHAT a Mega Evolution!!!! How could Game Freak do it!!?? *Clears Throat* This here is one of the reactions I saw to this annoucment. I think it was a good idea to bring back one of our favorite classics and put a twist on him. At first everyone thought Mewthree? Nope just a Mega Evolutuion I even called it Mewthree for awhile before Mega Evolution was annouced. To be honest it doesn't bother me much. 

The newest Pokemon revaled to have a Mega Evolution is Kangaskhan. ( Mega Kangaskhan was annouced at Pokemon World Chanpionships.) Their Mega Evolution design is exactly the same but the Mother Pokemon's Baby gets to fight with her. The baby pops out of Kangaskhan pouch to fight. So you can attack twice in one turn. 

Pokemon is finally improving on the Pokemon games insted of the sprites we are used to they are going for the 3DS like Legend of Zelda did with Ocarina of Time. This is why I bought a 3DS a year ago thinking they would make Pokemon Black and White 2 3D. Finally I can play Pokemon in 3D.

All the Pokemon that get a Mega Evolution so far are Blaziken, Mawile, Lucario, Ampharos, Absol, Mewtwo, and Kangaskhan. I didn't care about some of the Mega evolution sorry.
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