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Kitty's Jr.Mod app c: Empty Kitty's Jr.Mod app c:

Post by Guest123 8/10/2013, 4:54 pm

Minecraft username: Kittyball2
((My account wont let me log it -.- It says it is invalid.

Real name (recommended): Jade Whalen C:

Age: 17 

Location: Canada, Ontario

How Long have you been Playing on THIS server?: Since September 6th 2012 c;

How often do you plan on being on THIS server?: Everyday, I got my internet fixed, So i plan on being on at least 4 Hours a day, (More) ;D

Name any JrMods, Mods, or Admins who would vouch for you: 

Why do you deserve JrMod status? What sets you apart from the other players and would make you a good part of the staff?: 
I am active, But my internet was a pain, and i could hardly Play, But i got that fixed. My only problem for the year would be high school,  Because it is my senior Year, I still have 1 month and a half left of the summer, I will be 100% active. I enjoy playing on the server, It's something i look forward to doing everyday after work, or even school.

I Like to help people, whether if it is Building, Or as simple as telling them the name of a kit, When new members join the server, i like to tell them to read the rules, and i also teach them that they have a Wood kit, 

I report Griefs, when found. I also like doing public things that are fun for the server, Like, LovelyChick07 and i have a  town, We both plan on doing future Projects, Like a Halloween party, Or Other fun and exciting things, something to bring the server together, 

Rules; If i see someone doing the wrong thing i remind them, What is in the rules, and tell them to do /rules and tell them what page it is on so that they can fix there mistakes. Weather it is my friend or not, If they did something wrong, They will face the consequences. 
The reason why i donated, I didn't donate for the perks, I donated to support the server, It means allot to me, I wouldn't wanna see it go. 

Hope you accept me c:
(I will add more, I just got pressure ;-; thats when i dont know what to say D: And i dont wanna make it as long as a novel :P)
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Kitty's Jr.Mod app c: Empty Re: Kitty's Jr.Mod app c:

Post by Davidmich 8/10/2013, 7:42 pm

You just joined one month ago, no way are ready for JrMod.

Kitty's Jr.Mod app c: 1330796491822

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Kitty's Jr.Mod app c: Empty Re: Kitty's Jr.Mod app c:

Post by Guest 8/11/2013, 12:10 am

Forum Date= Join Date
This is her real join date for the forums:
Kitty's Jr.Mod app c: E455x4M
She's had a lot of issues with forum accounts... I believe she's had one or two since then to post in donator threads with approval from Madsci.
Also, her member app: - was approved on February 19th by Mhreynolds. Kyorgtea made the app for her though, so I'm not sure if that counts in this case.

Either way, vouch, as long as you stay as active, helpful, and friendly as you are now.
I've seen kitty go out of her way help with a number of towns in the past 5 months. I've don't recall her being disrespectful or mean to any member or guest. I also don't recall and problems with rule-breaking. She's active in the chat, and always a pleasure to hang around with; she's on good terms with almost everyone if not everyone. I think she deals with people well, and would make a great JrMod.

However, I hope you are able to stay active- with the school year coming and all. School > Minecraft. I don't think it will affect much since you were active pretty much since joined during last school year, but it's always something to remember xD


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Kitty's Jr.Mod app c: Empty Re: Kitty's Jr.Mod app c:

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