Oregano's Tasty Application

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Oregano's Tasty Application

Post by Criscook on 5/1/2011, 12:56 pm

Hello. My name is Chris.
I'm 15 years old (turning 16 this year)

I would love to play in your server. Im not a "pro" in minecraft but im a fast learner. I like to cook and make sure everybody's hearts
stays full. =3 . I'd love to make my own bakery on this world. Could make cakes and stuff.
I have played minecraft for nearly 1 month now. I also like playing FPS and RP-Games Such as : Killzone 3 , Guild Wars , Monster Hunter 3 (Wii) And so on.. Well.. i hope ill see you eating my lovely cakes ! =D

- Chris The Cook


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