Alright, We'll try this again.

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Alright, We'll try this again. Empty Alright, We'll try this again.

Post by cloudkesh 5/1/2011, 2:47 am

Minecraft username: Cloudkesh

Real Name: Kesh Anderson

How long have you been on THIS server?: I believe it was since... Nov. 24th 2010.

How long do you plan to be on THIS server?: I actually try to be on as much as I can, due to school and work. I'll try to be on during the weekends and weekdays after school....

Name anyone of a Higher Rank then Veteran(Donators cannot vouch) who would vouch for you:I would Think saeTan would vouch, but 'ya never know. I believe Berezur would vouch if he were on more often. Don't know anyone else.

Why do you deserve Guide Rank?: Well, I would love to help others and stuff 'cause I am seeing alot of people who are asking for help and the staff just won't help...I guess I don't deserve guide for anything other then that. Even if I were to get guide, how would It affect my social life? It wouldn't people are still goin' to hate me,Staff or not. I guess another possible reason would be so that I could help with griefers and stuff? Up to you.

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