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ban appeal

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ban appeal Empty ban appeal

Post by crafteur on 7/1/2013, 2:24 pm

sorry for my bad english I'm french Canadian. sorry when I was with my friend jeanf_sergerie. my little brother Dylan has opportunity to play on the server during my absence and he break blocks that i would not break it does not know the rules of the server has never played online before. Please forgive this will never happen again because it has read access to my computer. forgive me. PS my account is crafteur712


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ban appeal Empty Re: ban appeal

Post by Guest on 7/1/2013, 3:10 pm

Hey there!
You need to use the proper format to appeal, as David mentioned!

Found here: http://oasis-smp.forumotion.com/t242-appeal-format
Pasted here for you, just edit your original post by pressing the edit button in the top corner of it:
Minecraft username:

Mod/Admin who banned you:

Reason you were banned:

Reason you believe you should be unbanned:

(This policy was set by the founders of the server)

Also, the "my brother/cousin/mom/cat" excuse is frowned upon here...
If it is the truth, please take some measures to secure your account!
Possibly measures:

-Never leave the computer screen unattended when you are logged in on Oasis SMP, to prevent temptation of others to mess with it

-If you share an account, do not save the server, simply retype the name into "Direct Connect" each time you want to log into Oasis. This will prevent anyone from logging on to random things in your servers list and ruining your reputation.

- In the event your sibling does managae to get on the server, at least make them aware of our rules! Most people don't even bother to read those.... if you need a new rule book, type "/rules" in game!

This is Kevo's ban so I can't help much more, good luck!


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ban appeal Empty thanks

Post by crafteur on 7/1/2013, 3:54 pm

ok Thanks you


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