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Bann appeal

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Bann appeal Empty Bann appeal

Post by flamster2002 on 6/25/2013, 4:32 pm

Minecraft username: flamster2002

Mod who banned: Lina

Reason I was banned: Replace a sign with offensive quote 

Reason to be un banned:  

I am a noob and I
Lina,you have banned me for a sign that I had replaced I am sorry I am new to this server and I made a mistake I am very sorry I am sure your friend is a very nice person please forgive me another moderator was on at the time I confessed to him and he said he would not ban me just not to do it again but this did not happen I do care and I am very sorry about this. Sad

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Bann appeal Empty Re: Bann appeal

Post by Guest on 6/25/2013, 5:28 pm

Fine. Unbanned.
And for the record, that "person" has been banned for a while and I put that garden there in place of the ugly houses of banned people near that spot. For all I know, that sign could've been true, but regardless that language is not tolerated here.


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