Plots available and changes to ButterVille

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Plots available and changes to ButterVille

Post by LemonadeLlamas on 6/24/2013, 1:58 pm

If you haven't heard, my town ButterVille, has been expanded with the help of Gweedo. I have new plot and I can make other plots. I have a lot of new space and if you don't want the premade plots you can ask for a certain size of plot. I am now making plots for members and above instead of trusted. And also nothing related to squids except for ink sacs is allowed. I hate squids as you probably know and I don't want them in my town. The shop has been open for awhile but I've noticed that not a lot of people go there to shop. Please come shop in ButterVille. I feel like its just there for decoration. XD People have told me that my prices are really good but that's for you guys to decide. Come on down the ButterVille shop!
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