The Oasis Chalkboard

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The Oasis Chalkboard

Post by ericcanam on 6/23/2013, 10:57 am

I think I've showed a few of you guys the Chalkboard already. I put it out on a TS chat convo once, and there have been two or three people using it. Anyways, I wanted to show all of you.

The Chalkboard can be found at

What does it do?

You write a post, and it shows up for all of Oasis to see. Kinda pointless. (Like Twitter!)

What I would like for it to be able to do is connect with the server somehow. Maybe there could be a command, like /chalkboard that can show you the latest post while logged in. Maybe you could also write a post from in-game? I don't know. This would all have to be done with the approval and cooperation of Pax and Mad, of course (as they are the awesome owners). We could do a live update thing, even, (similar to the announcements that tell you who's logged into TS) but that could easily be spammed, so I wouldn't recommend that.

So what do you guys think?

Leave any comments or suggestions for me, and check it out!
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