My Cool Entrance

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My Cool Entrance

Post by CheezyDoug on 6/20/2013, 3:06 am

Hello this is CheezyDoug... CheezyDoug IGN... CheezyDoug FN... Just call me CheezyDoug.

I have played Minecraft since the November of 2010. I got it in alpha (weird enough). I really love to build. I collect to build. Building is my daily bread  -Cheezy 6:15. I know how to do all the thing in minecraft well (except for redstone Question). My greatest achievement was a brick wall 25x30070. It took me 40 hours (in creative) to make. I might have been arriving to the server late but it was worth it. This was my story. DEAL WITH IT!!!!!!!!!

,Love CheezyDoug
Dirt Digger
Dirt Digger

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