AquinaMistic's member app

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AquinaMistic's member app

Post by AquinaMistic on 5/30/2013, 7:12 pm

Name: Yukimi (yuki for short. if yuki is hard to remember ask me)
Location:i would rather not tell im sorry D:
where i found this server:i found this server while i was browsing for a server to play on on mc forums.

how long have i been playing: i have been playing for about 10 minutes

how often do i play: i am actualy not quite sure. my server that i am a founder on is currently down but i may visit often to record a few videos :3

Have i voted?: no but i plan to after i finish this app

recomenders: lovelychick07

can i be trusted?: yes i would say i would. i am currently a very high rank on a server called legacycraft. (founder to be exact) ad this rank i am to command the staff and sort out any problems on the server while the co owners work on other things such as the website or any new plug-ins. on every server that i play i have earned op or a high rank to help protect them from hackers or anything of that sort. also i can help your servers population by posting a small survival series on my youtube channel if you like.

please escuse my lack of grammar and spelling. hopefully u can actualy read this! :3

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Re: AquinaMistic's member app

Post by Heisenberg on 5/30/2013, 7:18 pm

Been talking to them in game. Very nice player and warrants an early membership. Approved.
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