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Stupid Ban

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Stupid Ban Empty Stupid Ban

Post by Relentless on 4/21/2013, 8:02 pm

I was banned for: Griefing, harassment, mischievousness and not listening to several warnings given by staff. EXPLAIN who did i harass who did i greif, mischievousness WTH? and not listening to sevrel warnings WHAT WARNINGS!?

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Stupid Ban Empty Re: Stupid Ban

Post by Kevo235 on 4/21/2013, 8:15 pm

Told you about a dozen times to stop griefing, for starters since you broke that painting. You placed the netherrack which is also griefing so much that I tped you away, you followed people around while invisible so I took the potions away, and you griefed the buildoff and also called someone an arse? I think that was after madsci warned you like 2 hours ago so yeah, not getting unbanned.
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