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brandon's 3rd guide app

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brandon's 3rd guide app Empty brandon's 3rd guide app

Post by brandon1001 4/29/2011, 9:18 pm

Minecraft Username: brandon1001

Real Name: Brandon Nguyen

Age: 12

Location: Laurel,MD

How long have you been on THIS server: 3 months and a half

How long do you plan to be on THIS server?: Until Oasis is a complete organization

Name anyone of a Higher Rank then Veteran(Donators cannot vouch) who would vouch for you: i dont think anyone would want to vouch for me. Maybe dtfgator, sainteven, ariley92,

Why do you deserve Guide Rank?:

I have been on the server for quite a while and i want to help more people with anything such as tping and remodeling. This rank will also help me capture or jail griefers like how the admins jail people. The guide rank will also improve my rank and this will give me an edge of doing right things instead of wrong such as griefing or even killing innocent players. I will use this rank not for myself, but use it for the community and guide the new players around. I will also help fellow admins, veterans, and even other guides by patroling the map for anything suspicious. I deserve guide rank because i will always give players a hand and even tp them to players and i will NOT ignore them like how they are being ignored this year. I would also use it to create awesome buildings and the god mode will help me catch griefers and be able to protect new players from danger or anything. The item spawning for guide i think they have, will support me on rebuilding any damage and use it for justice, not selfishness. This server is by far the best minecraft server in the world and i tried to be my best at making things to make the server better for the community. I try the be a nice-friendly guy. I feel the best way is to become guide because the server now is still growing and getting larger by the minute and sometimes there are players who are new to minecraft and they sometimes flood or even damage buildings and the server really needs more staff to keep it under control and i really love to keep helping players and this might benefit the community.]
i am VERY Trustworthy and ALWAYS try to NEVER lie to an admin or guide becuase lying is wrong and might even get me banned. Besides, i never even ever lied to anybody or anybody in a server in my entire life. This is why i deserve the Guide rank. Thank You!

-Brandon Nguyen

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brandon's 3rd guide app Empty .

Post by Guest 4/29/2011, 10:19 pm

vouch vouch vouch 100 times over


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