PartyChat player commands and usage!

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PartyChat player commands and usage!

Post by Paxination on 3/27/2013, 2:51 pm

Command: /P
Description: Toggles partychat always on/off
Example: /p

Command: /P MESSAGE
Description: Sends chat to your current party chat.
Example: /p Jeroen, floris is behind ya, fuck him up.

Command: /PARTY
Description: Base command for all partychat control commands.
Example: /party (alone it displays a list of subcommands and usage)

SubCommand: CREATE
Description: Creates a partychat
Example: /party create partyname password (password is optional)

SubCommand: QUIT
Description: Quits your current partychat
Example: /party quit

SubCommand: JOIN
Description: Joins a partychat
Example: /party join partyname password (password is optional if its NOT SET)

SubCommand: INVITE
Description: Invites some one to your partychat. This bypasses the password if its set.
Example: /party invite playername

SubCommand: ACCEPT
Description: Accepts a partychat invitation
Example: /party accept

SubCommand: LIST
Description: List info about YOUR partychat
Example: /party list

SubCommand: KICK
Description: Kicks a player from your partychat
Example: /party kick playername

SubCommand: GIVE
Description: Gives your partychat away to a player
Example: /party give playername

SubCommand: PASSWORD
Description: Changes your partychats password
Example: /party password NEWPASSWORD

Once we update to 1.5, these commands will become available to you guys! If you have any issues, please report them to me with screenshots if you can!

Discussion thread here

if you have any questions, please direct them there!
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Re: PartyChat player commands and usage!

Post by Leagle on 3/27/2013, 3:26 pm

Had to make it b4 it got lost..

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