Nether Portal System - REPLACING WARPS!

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Nether Portal System - REPLACING WARPS! Empty Nether Portal System - REPLACING WARPS!

Post by Ariley 4/27/2011, 12:57 am

Hi guys!

So we started out as a realistic SMP server. We've kinda started to turn into more of a creative SMP server, but that's ok. However, we do want to try and keep it real whenever we can. As such, we decided that simply typing in a command to be swifted away to a predetermined location is not so realistic, so we're using a system much like singleplayer Minecraft - portals.

Instead of "/warping" to a location, you will need to go to the Nether Portal System (NPS) (which is right by the Nether spawn) and go through the portal which corresponds with the location you'd like to warp to. Each location with a currently existing warp has been given a portal.

This also means that now, instead of applying for a warp point, you will apply for a portal in your city/town/shop/etc!

Have fun with this. We think it's pretty sweet. For now, the /warp command will stay in, until people learn to use the NPS.

- Ariley and staff

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Nether Portal System - REPLACING WARPS! Empty Re: Nether Portal System - REPLACING WARPS!

Post by saeTan 4/27/2011, 12:48 pm

Moved to announcements.
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