random destroyed things in canada

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random destroyed things in canada Empty random destroyed things in canada

Post by Guest on 2/20/2013, 5:47 am

Went to try and find a new player in Canada to give them torches, and found a destroyed house or two... so decided to look around... and found even more....

Not sure if these are all griefed or unfinished but since some of them have blatantly obvious holes cut in for entry, I'm guessing some were griefed.
Took screenshots with the coordinates up-
just gona put the imgur links so this doesnt take up half a page:
https://i.imgur.com/zuZ4YZu.png (a snow house with blocks cut out of it
https://i.imgur.com/VGbehpv.png (a nearly completely demolished snow house)
https://i.imgur.com/ASviybD.png (entry cut)
https://i.imgur.com/pJKCFXy.png (couple blocks missing on the statue, not sure why)
https://i.imgur.com/T9Btsle.png (entry cut)
https://i.imgur.com/t2F6AAE.png (giant random hole in someone's back wall)

The people responsible may have already been banned, but I'm posting just in case...


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random destroyed things in canada Empty Re: random destroyed things in canada

Post by Paxination on 2/20/2013, 2:32 pm

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