My little message to you.

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My little message to you.

Post by cloudkesh on 4/20/2011, 5:15 pm

I'm sorry guys, I've been so fucking addicted to Final Fantasy VI and Re-coloring the sprites....Also, I just haven't had time to get on MC. I'm sorry DX Anyways, I'm gonna hopefully join you guys in an hour or two. If not, Then you can hunt me down with a fucking weapon of sorts and kill me. Also, I've been working on some Fanfiction thingys. Sorry! Too much Shit to do...Too many requests to fulfill,Too many people to please(Thats what she said....) and School is being a pain in the fucking ass. Sorry guys! I also would like to request forgiveness to those I have acted like a dick too...I'll try to stop. Anyways, Love you all here in Oasis SMP! <3

~Kesh Anderson.

She wandered the woods of Narshe.... Searching for him.....How she yearns so hear his gentle voice....To feel his gentle voice....How she wishes to smell his sweet strawberry scent....How she yearns to see that gentle and fragile little boy under those tough and carnivorous eyes......She whispers his name every night in her sleep.....Oh, How she misses him...."Please....Let me find Blake..." she would pray everyday before setting off to find him....Oh, Poor Suruna....

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