am i gone too much and never changed?

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am i gone too much and never changed?

Post by wedell2 on 4/17/2011, 9:35 pm

hi guys i have been wondering have i not been on minecraft long enough for you guys because well some people think i'm gone too much i'm not trying to sound like someone thats like o my god i never get anything and i hate my life and i just want to die etc. lol because well theres like nothing for me too do on the server atm no one needs help so need something to do because right now i'm slowly drifting away from the server even whole entire minecraft. god i got nothing to do so i'm looking for anything right now i'm on a project that i plan on making. i try to do my best at this server and be the best i be but i just stay the same i don't change nothing new. i love every one on the server well mostly everybody. i try to be on the forums and on the server i can be on in my free time. i try to stay out of people business and stay in mine. so thanks for reading so have i changed at all or am i the same and do i play enough anymore. please give me something to do so i don't leave the server because i made so many friends and did so much for the server got to know people and stuff like that you know. o yeah gratz on jonchen and dtfgator on there vet promotions! :D well gusse like we left on a good note

-wedell2 ( perfer keagan or wedell2 mostly keagan you will hear poopyfacetamato and faststang say it so there talking to me)

Don't let me leave this server

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