i'm back and recovred

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i'm back and recovred

Post by wedell2 on 4/15/2011, 5:20 pm

hey guys! i'm back the same old me keagan wedell2 what ever and i love that i'm back nice to see every ones faces again and here people talk well seeing there typing unless there on team speak. so yeah nice day out well not really here in MN it's so windy and rainy and were suppose to get some snow but hopefully that will melt because it's spring and soon becoming summer!!! woooo hoooo! so birthday is coming and i might get a new laptop ya so that means i will be online even more because i can play more often so i dont have to share my computer :). still catching up on school work miss lots of it so i have allot to make up but i'm almost done so that should'nt be much of a problem :). so thanks guys nice to see you again love oasis and every one on there :) I love you

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