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The Un-Banning Of fin938

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The Un-Banning Of fin938 Empty The Un-Banning Of fin938

Post by Artateck on 12/4/2012, 6:16 pm

Hi Guys Its Me Again... Just Wondering If You Could Un-Ban fin938? He confessed to me that he FREAKING LOVES This server and that he will not grief a block again. He had hoped to get into the depths of the server and make new friends here but he can only do that he is given a chance, plus peeps make mistakes sometimes (especially on MATH TESTS)

I'm sending a message from him here, so if your ticked at my post... not my wording (exept for the math part) i just made it sound like it was me spaeking becouse he wanted a "friend from the server" to send this message.

Personally, its not a big thing... but I got not many freinds I actually know from this server and I got one Thats gonna be new coming but I want more peeps to help me work on group projects.
Thanks Again, Artateck
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The Un-Banning Of fin938 Empty Re: The Un-Banning Of fin938

Post by Heisenberg on 12/4/2012, 7:36 pm

Not only is it in caps, but it's red!

À mon avi, if he doesn't want to sign up and post this himself, he's not too bothered about being unbanned. If he loved the server that much why not spend 10 mins joining the forums and appealing himself?
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