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I was told to!!!

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I was told to!!! Empty I was told to!!!

Post by huntermo on 12/2/2012, 7:03 pm

Username: Huntermon1

Mod/Admin Who Banned me: Gweedo

Reason i was Banned: Greifing

Reason I Belize I Should Be Unbanned: Well I was in a build challenge thing (Long Story)
and we had built houses (It was in an arena and stuff with admins judging) and at the end (Team Rainbow did not win Sad) we were told to greif (They meant the houses) i took glowstone from the tower thingy (witch was not supposed to be greifed) i didn't know we weren't allowed to break the tower (but when Gweedo said i greifed and stuff i threw it away) Oh also you cant stay mad at me (Dylstrosity2 and Olive474 would agree)


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I was told to!!! Empty Re:

Post by Olive474 on 12/2/2012, 7:06 pm

He's too adorable to stay mad at... Smile
'Tis true!
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I was told to!!! Empty Re: I was told to!!!

Post by Gweedo358 on 12/2/2012, 7:54 pm

The only reason I am unbaning you is, that day everyone was told to grief the builds at the build-off. Appeal granted. Do not Grief again. Next time it will be permenant with no appeal.
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