Vote for us!

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Vote for us!

Post by saeTan on 4/13/2011, 11:56 pm

Ok guys, we did this a while ago, but then our server started crashing every half an hour for no reason. So now we've upgraded, and stopped crashing. So that means that you should start voting for us on Minestatus! It's a simple website where people can vote for minecraft servers once per day, and the amount of votes it has, the latency, and how many people are usually on the server all make the rank of the server higher. When we really got people going with this, we got up to the 11th rank on the website, and it got us a bunch of new players, which is important, because more players usually means more donations! So go to this link, and click the little button ± under the votes column, enter in the captcha, and make us popular!

Minestatus is reset every month or so, so make sure to bookmark the link to our minestatus profile and vote for us every day.

We just got a new Dedi!

Current Server
-Dedicated server
-16 GB DDR3 Ram
-AMD athlon II quad core 4x 2.3 ghz
-2x 1.5 TB SATA II HDD, 7200 RPM

That's 8 times the memory and 2 times the cores! With this new server, we will have a lot more changes, and in a good way too. We will be able to support multi-worlds, including the nether, and even a couple more other secret, cool things ;)
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