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Post by saeTan 4/12/2011, 5:04 pm

New awesome plugin.

Hi everyone. Along with the new server going up, we've decided to install a very cool plugin. What it does, basically, is enable stats and leveling for things like mining, excavation, and herbalism (picking flowers).

If you go into the server and type "/stats" something like this will come up in your text box:

Mining: lvl 1 (xp: 0/100)
Excavating: lvl 1 (xp 0/100)
Herbalism: lvl 1 (xp 0/100)
Acrobatics: lvl 1 (xp 0/100)
Axes: lvl 1 (xp 0/100)
Repair: lvl 1 (xp 0/100)
Archery: lvl 1 (xp 0/100)
Swords: lvl 1 (xp 0/100)
Unarmed: lvl 1 (xp 0/100)
Power level: 9

These are all of the skills this plugin enables. Here are the explanations:

Mining: The way you mine and how fast you mine stays the same, but the more you mine the higher level you will get. Also, the higher level you are, the more of a chance there is for double drops. Additionally, if you rick click while holding a pickaxe, it will enable superbreaker which increases the chance of double-drops, and makes mining slightly faster for a very short amount of time.

Excavating: The same exact thing as for mining, but the higher level you are, the more of a chance there is for dirt to drop glowstone dust or netherrack.

Herbalism: You can gain herbalism experience from picking flowers. The more flowers you pick, the higher your herbalism skill will go. With higher skill, the more chance there is for double drops of flowers.

Acrobatics: When you fall and take damage, your acrobatics skill is raised. The higher your skill level is, the higher chance there is of rolling. Rolling is when you fall from a high height and don't take damage.

Axes: Edit: It's the same thing as swords.

Repair: This is a brand new ability added into minecraft. When you place an iron block, it acts as an anvil. If you have a damaged tool in your inventory, say, a damaged iron pickaxe, as well as an iron ingot, and you right click on the anvil, it will repair it a certain amount. You start out being able to repair anything up to iron, and you can repair diamond stuff once you reach a skill level of 50 repair. You gain levels by repairing things, and the higher your repair level, the more it fixes tools you repair.

Archery: Archery levels are gained by shooting people and mobs. The higher your archery level, the higher chance you have for the arrow to 'ignite' upon shooting, which turns it into a flaming arrow. Firespread is off, so it won't be possible to burn down trees or buildings with this.

Swords: You gain sword experience by killing mobs and people with swords. You can rightclick with a sword to enable higher damage for a very short amount of time.

Unarmed: You gain unarmed skill by fighting mobs and people with no weapons. You can right click a block unarmed to enable higher unarmed damage for a short amount of time.

You can type '/mcmmo' in game to get some more information. There is also a wiki for this plugin here.
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New Levels Plugin Empty Re: New Levels Plugin

Post by Ariley 4/12/2011, 10:24 pm

Well said, saeTan. If you have any questions, the most experienced players with this mod are most of the staff, iFeedthetroll, and Okowi, I believe. We are open to answering questions you may have.

Enjoy - more like this coming in the future!
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New Levels Plugin Empty Re: New Levels Plugin

Post by Berezur 4/13/2011, 6:41 am

This plugin is pretty cool, i know it from another server i played on for a short period of time with some mates like 4 weeks ago.
so, good job by installing this plugin :D
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New Levels Plugin Empty Re: New Levels Plugin

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