LoneSaint115 Application

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LoneSaint115 Application

Post by LoneSaint115 on 4/11/2011, 6:55 pm

Minecraft username:LoneSaint115

Real name: Dakota Newby



How long have you been playing on THIS server?: bout a week

How often do you plan on being on THIS server?:daily, maybe a few days off here or there

Name any Admins, Mods, Veterans, Artisans, or Trusted players who would vouch for you: Runetheif000

Why do you deserve Member status? How do we know you can be trusted?: Playing Minecraft is fun, but playing with others is better because you don't feel like your the only smart person on the map

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Re: LoneSaint115 Application

Post by runethief000 on 4/12/2011, 12:17 am

I completely vouch for this guy. I have played with him for quite a while, and I know him in real life. Definitely deserves member.

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Re: LoneSaint115 Application

Post by Ariley on 4/12/2011, 12:33 am

approved. LoneSaint115 is now Member rank.
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