The Owner Games and the Return of Ariley92 and Sainteven

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The Owner Games and the Return of Ariley92 and Sainteven Empty The Owner Games and the Return of Ariley92 and Sainteven

Post by Sainteven 10/15/2012, 5:36 pm

Ariley and I have come up with a plan to add some fun activities to the server as well as keep us active. Starting this week, Ariley and I will be coming up with, building, and then executing a large, server wide activity,game,contest or what have you. This will follow a basic format and schedule and bring activity to neglected areas like the pvp world. The way this will work is this:

The game will be announced in a very basic form. The name of the game, the basic type (puzzle,PvP,Jump course,orgy) will be made known as well as some basic need to know info like if you will die, if you will get cool items from it, if you will get laid.

Throughout the Week
Ariley, Myself, and possibly some staff will secretly build whatever is needed for our game as well as hyping it up and dropping hints to keep everyone guessing and interested.

I will post to the forums a complete description of the game, allowing you to start to plot, make strategy, and get excited. I will probably include a screenshot of the arena or area its taking place in.

4:00 EST Signups will begin, for a half an hour, we will take all names down for who wants to participate. After this time signup will be closed. You miss this window, sucks to be you. At 4:30 EST The warp for the game will be announced, we will organize everyone and then some super fucking awesome game will commence at it will be awesome and you will all fart diamonds.

This then repeats weekly.
The games will be well thought out, fun for all, and get the server involved. Since I love all games, I expect many to be based on games that come out (expect an Assasssins Creed III game, I already have it planned) The first game is already planned out and will be announced tonight. This thread can be used for discussion of this Idea, unless it becomes to annoying and pisses me off, in which case I will lock this thread.

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