ShadowSt3pz Member app.

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ShadowSt3pz Member app.

Post by Shadowst3pz on 10/1/2012, 3:52 am

MC user: ShadowSt3pz

Name: Zack, but I prefer Shadow, as I use it in almost every game.

Age : 14

Location : Lubbock, TX (U.S.A)

Where I found out about Oasis SMP : My friend Josh wanted to play Minecraft with me, He gave me the IP and It was love at first sight <3

How long I have been playing Oasis SMP : Roughly 6 months, Just found out about Forums though.

How often I plan on being on this server : Everyday, But things happen so it's not guaranteed.

Have you voted for Oasis SMP : Yes and thanks for the iron. :D

Vouchers : Queenlucifer, Nsuth13 ( Thanks :D )

Why I deserve member rank : I love this server, along with all its players and I help anyone that needs help, if possible. Plus I'm a pretty chill dude.

Thanks for reading my Member app. - Shadow.

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Re: ShadowSt3pz Member app.

Post by Kevo235 on 10/1/2012, 4:01 am

Approved, enjoy the promotion.
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