In my Opinion (Ranks)

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In my Opinion (Ranks)

Post by Sinical on 12/2/2010, 7:34 pm

I sincerely feel that players should become Veteran first, Before mod. Its the hierarchy, Standard->Trusted->Veteran->Moderator->Admin->Co-owner->Owner

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Re: In my Opinion (Ranks)

Post by Ariley on 12/2/2010, 9:43 pm

well, I gotta disagree with you.

the point of veteran is to give a distinguished Trusted player a bit more honor when it comes to rank. i really never intended it to be a sort of "stepping stone" to getting Mod.

the moderating team has seperate responsibilities from the other players, and I think in most cases, when a player is ready to be Mod, and a new Mod is needed, that player shouldn't have to become a Veteran first, especially since Veterans are chosen by voting.

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