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Post by TheSecondBuilder on 7/10/2012, 12:22 pm

Ethan469, yoyo I'm just here to apply for member and if be any chance Abbey happens to see this forum, I just wanted here to know that if I ever become an architect everything I build will be amazing and they will all be made just for you, :) this server is awesome and I cant wait to get bulding. besides all that junk.....

Username: Ethan469

Name: Ethan Harrington

How old: 18

Where do I live: Atlanta, Georgia United States

Where did I find the server: On an SMP server list website

How long have I beed playing: 1 day (wow but yet still its amazing)

How log will I play: For a while, but if i get architect ILL NEVER LEAVE

Voted: Yes

People who would vouch: AJ, Dunckin, And hopefully Abbey

Why I think: I think I deserve too be member because I'm an amazing builder and I'm really striving to become an architect. I've helped 6 people build so far.
How can i be trusted: I think that there really isn't any way of proving my trust but it's your disition to make and I think you know that I have every good intention of making this server amazing, also I have learned from personal experience that running a server is super hard because I used to run one but that i got hacked, Faget greifers. So I feel that a server is a place to have fun on NOT A PLACE TO SCREW WITH OTHER PEOPLES LIFE, thats facebook lol.

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Post by Abbeylw on 7/10/2012, 1:14 pm


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