FaithfulDaves Application of membership

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FaithfulDaves Application of membership

Post by Faithfuldave on 6/20/2012, 6:14 am

Hello, My in game name Is FaithfulDave and this is my application to become a member.

Minecraft username: FaithfulDave

Real name: Jake

Age: 16 (14/11/1995)

Location: South Australia.

Where did you find out about Oasis SMP?: On

How long have you been playing on THIS server?: Approx a week.

How often do you plan on being on THIS server?: A few years depending on the quality of the members and the sustainability of the servers economy.

Have you voted for Oasis at ?: Yes, I have received my 30 iron and will be voting in 24 hours.

Name any Trusted, Trusted+, Artisans, Veterans, Architects, Guides, Mods and/or Admins who would vouch for you: I am partially new to the server so I don't know any Admin's or Veterans. The one Admin I know who has helped me alot with the server is ChaosTheoryJRH, whom I'd like to personally thank for all his assistance.

Why do you deserve Member status? How do we know you can be trusted?: I would like to become a member purely for the benefits and rank. I plan on being on this server for quite along time and I'd like to access as many features as this server has to offer to me. Trust is earnt. I will earn my trust in game by helping new players or even current ones with social structures, hints, tips and advice with the game itself as i've been playing Minecraft for 2 years now. If there is any specific way I can earn my trust with in the community please give me a chance and I can prove that I am a player worthy of the rank of 'Member'

Thankyou for your time to reading through my application.

If anyone would like to contact me or simply just want to chat, Add me on MSN, Skype or FaceBook: Faithfuldavid (Skype) Jake Ninnes (FaceBook)


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Re: FaithfulDaves Application of membership

Post by coda123 on 6/20/2012, 8:30 am


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Re: FaithfulDaves Application of membership

Post by ChaosTheoryJRH on 6/20/2012, 9:37 am


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