How to: Part 1.

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How to: Part 1.

Post by ExtraSauce on 9/8/2011, 6:53 pm

Feel Sad and Relaxed

Play this two videos at the same time, put the volume high, but put the rain on a higher volume.

HOW TO: Feel Rich/Billionaire/Trilionaire

Take your best chair, sit, take a fine wine, and get confortable. Do these steps, and play one of those:




If these options aren't good enough, put the first video in HD while you watch the last one

I will make more HOW TO: In the future.

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Re: How to: Part 1.

Post by commander_chair on 9/8/2011, 7:13 pm

The perfect sunset was very nice, makes me think what a beautiful earth we live on.

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