Ban Appeal for Eveling_19

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Ban Appeal for Eveling_19

Post by LenTox_245 on 11/6/2018, 9:32 pm

Username: Eveling_19

Admin who banned me: Agwyn

Reason I was banned: Stealing from other players, lying to staff, logging off when I was frozen in place.

Reason I should be unbanned: I suppose I should start by explaining why I am posting this appeal on a different account almost 3 years after the ban was posted. I had a friend (who shall remain unnamed, please and thank you) who had an older sister that made an account and never used it (made the account, played a couple games, left it to rot) so she let me use her account so I could play with my friends, because I did not have an account at the time. I stole diamonds from a open, unlocked chest that was located in the middle of the town (enough for a full set of armor, and a sword, I believe) and took them back to my base. I told nobody that I had stole the diamonds because I knew that if anyone found out, I would get in trouble. I was not scared of staff, but I was intimidated, which is another reason I told nobody. Agwyn must've caught wind of this because he approached me (after checking the records of what had been stored in the chest and taken out; the diamonds) and asked me if I had stolen the diamonds. I stopped dead in my tracks and said 'No I dont know what you're talking about'. So Agwyn tp'd me to the chest and when I ran away he froze me in place and tp'd me back. I continued to argue with Agwyn (sorry about that) saying that I did not even know diamonds were in the chest. It got to the point where I was very intimidated and scared that something bad would happen and I would lose most of my friends (my irl friends who played on the server) if they found out so I logged off and thought 'Now they won't find out'. I know I had it coming to be being the troublemaker/brat I was back then. I know there is no excuse to explain why I stole the diamonds, other than I was greedy and wanted to be 'OP'. But if it helps my case, I was only 11 at the time and not very smart. I created this account (Donavan_245) early 2017 (around late February, early March) and I had completely forgotten about being banned on the other account. The only reason I remembered that I had been banned on the account was because the topic in-game was how many times we had been banned (around 8:30 today) from the server. I am severely dissapointed in myself for being so dumb and committing such a serious offense without even realizing it. I understand that if a ban is what it must come to (no matter how long) in order for me to redeem myself then I will gladly suffer the consequences of my actions. I mostly want to apologize to Agwyn for being such a pain and not just admitting. I hope all of staff can read this in full instead of coming to conclusions with just one glance. Thanks for your time and I hope you consider my appeal.

Truly sorry,
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Re: Ban Appeal for Eveling_19

Post by Agwyn on 11/7/2018, 12:03 am

Link to Ban for Ref -


So, I did some digging and found out that you were banned in early 2016. Given that in the appeal I said 'tell me why you did it and I'll unban you.' Your accidental evasion after a year is understandable and you wrote a very good appeal, which answered my question from back then. I respect you could have completely kept your silence but, you chose to come forward and admit to what happened. For that and the appeal you wrote, considered yourself unbanned. Apologies for the accidental intimidation too. Have a pleasant evening.

~Sr.Mod Agwyn

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