Re-introduction of Nelseru

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Re-introduction of Nelseru

Post by Nelseru on 5/3/2018, 10:42 pm

I feal like I should do this now because it has been a long time and i plan to be a bit more active in the future.

So......(Sigh) It has been a loooong time, most of the people I knew as admins are gone and a few of the people I knew from playing a wile back have become administrators, well at least Mad is still here that's....something.

OK so I joined in...2012...damn scratch ...and ya I was justifiably insane, I was going through some...things...
Basically after High School but before College...lets just say there are reasons you don't let someone like me get free time, no good can come of it.

Would you believe me if I said this was the first minecraft server I ever joined...ya didn't think so.

So now onto the good part.

So as of now im a working man... ya you don't care about that i'm just not good at these types of things.

Im Nelseru or if you want you can call me Jake if you so choose, its not my policy to give out my real name. I have a BS in network security and right now I am trying my hands at game development, vr game development to be precise. I can be a sarcastic ass at times, I do like to mess with people after all...but I mean no harm. You can generally find me on ESO, Warframe, or Crossout and with the same username.

I may add more to this later but right now its late.
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Re: Re-introduction of Nelseru

Post by Cgef on 7/2/2018, 1:24 pm

Gg story

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