Warp PVP is now open!

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Warp PVP is now open!

Post by Kenyanot on 4/27/2018, 3:05 pm

Warp PVP

I have created a warp for players to battle it out with each other! Set your own rules for the game. There are currently 2 pvp arenas that can be used for 1v1 and up. There is also a parkour mob dungeon that if completed, you will get a sharp 6 enchanted diamond sword (one time use), but if I find out you have cheated using anything to get past the levels, (excluding potions and enchants) or have set a home at the top, you will be temp banned for a week. I have also decided, if you are able to beat the dungeon and have $20,000 + sharp 6 sword, you can trade them with me for a Sharp 8 Diamond sword.
- Teaming is allowed

Another dungeon will be added in the coming months with a custom enchaned bow. 


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