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Post by Beeliever on 4/17/2018, 1:47 pm

(i'm just procrastinating and i've been thinking about doing this for a couple months)

Well, uh welcome to my introduction, here's a little bit about me. poof

About me wink wonk
My name is Mia, I'm dun dun dunnn 12 years old. I'm Cuban-American, and I am in love with homemade Sangria, recipe was passed down in my family. (In small portions I don't get drunk) I have glasses, I'm blind as heck.  I like to ride bikes, but that takes a toll on my physical health since I'm known for having really bad knees. rip. Anywho that's all I got for about me at the moment. (probably gonna add more later)

I have a pet dog, her name is Lily! She's a Labrador Retriever mixed with a Great Pyrenees. 

Here's my dog ;):

And, a couple ones of me. :

Yes, I am obsessed with snapchat filters..

That's really all I got, time for homework I guess lol
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