A Dash of Personality

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A Dash of Personality

Post by User423 on 7/25/2016, 12:08 am

Heyo! So, this has been on my mind recently, and it's PERSONALITY types! And not just any personality types, the Myers-Briggs personality types! If you aren't familiar, then you can go to the link below:

(This is the official site)

So, this doesn't really show much if you don't care, but it can show you how the great, creative, and friendly people really get their motivation! (It's actually really accurate!)

So, if there are any people out there that take it/have taken it, you may post a reply on this post, and maybe we can find out more about ourselves and where we get our motivations!

By the way, my personality type is INFP (you'll learn about this later)...

Anyway, hopefully you guys have fun with this little test!

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Re: A Dash of Personality

Post by Shnoork on 7/25/2016, 1:44 am

In high school I took alot of these. Various tests, including myers briggs. I dont recall my exact results, but I do know that not one personality test has ever given me a straight answer. Every time Ive done this stuff Ive gotten everything. Its annoying being told who you are. (Its even more annoying when the thing telling you tends to contradict itself)

TLDR: Im divergent

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