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Post by Mattoosie62 on 7/9/2016, 5:36 pm

So I thought I'd redo my Intro today just an update.

So my real name is Matthew Janssen I have no middle name and neither does my dad or his dad I have no idea why but my dad wouldn't let mom give me a middle name which if she was allowed it would have been Shawn. Which is apparently uncommon to have middle name most people do, so that's one thing you probably didn't know about me. Next I was raised on farm doing everything with my dad and Opa (get to the part about my Opa and Oma) we raised small baby calves till they where big enough for auction off either to go to a dairy farm or a beef farm. We did this for years and then at age 4 corn was terrible and we also got a bug in our barn which one day the calves where fine and they all died the next day we lost 68 calves that day and my dad had to find money and had to go to work in the city then we had closed the barn and had to rent out our fields to a cash crop farmer which sucked but at the same time was fun because he had more fun farm equipment which I got to ride in. Then School started I hated it never liked I was picked on by kids in grade 2 that's when I went different I got in to fights and usually won because I was taller than most but had spent a lot of time doing lines or in detection but it continued and was still being made fun of because what I wore and that I wasn't a city kid I believe I was one of the only kids who was a farm kid there. Anyway I got better wasn't in lots of fight but found out I had the same problem as my Dad where we learned differently and had an IEP in English basically a learn disability and that didn't help. Grade 4 hit I was the best I could make the best snow forts because I could make big snow boulders and life was going great there till Grade 6 when I was just finishing Grade 6 I found out I was moving schools because they couldn't teach me could enough. Grade 7 & 8 felt like restarting my living having to make new friends which was hard but High school hit and made friends and got along with teachers and have been happy since and now I'm in Grade 12!

So when My dad was 21 he bought our farm and my Opa and Oma lived down the road eventually moved to my dad's farm and have lived here since. My mom and dad met at age 35 where they had both given up for look for soul mates and meet through a friend and fell in love they had me when 2 year late. (funny story so my dad was driving to the hospital and the truck broke down and no one would stop they where get ready to prepare for birth on the side of the road and a police car showed up and picked them up my mom had to sit in the front with the and the other cop had sit in the back with my dad when the girl cop driving asked if they could put on the lights XD I thought that was fun i got a police escort to the hospital to be born)

2 years later they had my sister Michelle or paws_4_life on Oasis (rarely comes on anymore -_-)

I learned how to drive a tractor at age 12 I was using our smaller tractor to mow the pasture field and just this last June I brought our tractor to my school
November 21 2012 my Oma past away on my dad's side, which took a lot out of me because when my mom and dad use to work late me and my sister would go over to my opa and oma's house to have supper and loved doing garden stuff with herr she was like my second mom so it was hard.
December 3 2015 my Grandpa pasted away on my mom side, Which didn't help as we where trying to help my Grandma find a nursing home because she has all-timers and need better care as they lived 2 hours away from us and was hard to keep driving back and fourth. So we had to get everything thing cleaned out of the house and get up for sale which it sold 2 weeks after we had put it up and hadn't even started to get it cleaned up so over 2 weekends me and my dad got it all cleaned up for the new people moving.

So that's a little about me and something that have happened hope this helps you get to know me better.


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Re: IntroMoo

Post by HeyImLivvy on 7/9/2016, 6:54 pm

Nice to know a bit more about you, Matt :)
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