Tensor_'s Radio Ban Discussion

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Tensor_'s Radio Ban Discussion

Post by Tensor_ on 4/5/2016, 11:29 pm

*Before I start, this is not a ban appeal*

@madscientist032, I believe I am being singled out and unfairly punished due to my slip up on the radio on 4/3/2016. I would like to use this forum post (which i got permission from @paxination to due so) *Pax gave no opinion in the matter i'm just insuring my post*
If we could use this to discuss what went on and give me a chance to justify my actions as well as apologize for them I would be grateful.

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Re: Tensor_'s Radio Ban Discussion

Post by madscientist032 on 4/6/2016, 7:05 am

Nope. This is what a ban appeal is for. Which you already created and which I already denied. Sorry.


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