Membership Application

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Membership Application

Post by Archietect-Prime on 7/1/2015, 7:11 pm




London, England

Random SMP search

2 Days


Not Yet

Bear588, Kitty___, FlamingoMagazine

I am an oldschool player getting back into a game that i have always loved, My old server has withered and died and am looking to join a friendly active SMP server. During my short time thus far, i have thoroughly enjoyed my experience and hope to acquire membership. I would like to consider myself as a friendly and helpful individual and with the creativity to come up with some great builds!


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Re: member app

Post by BABlaze on 7/1/2015, 7:15 pm

Architect is a very helpfull oasis member. Vouch 

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Re: Membership Application

Post by Gorecore666 on 7/1/2015, 7:19 pm


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