Mini-Games and Time Zones

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Mini-Games and Time Zones

Post by Revilo410 on 4/16/2015, 5:18 am

Bob has started a new mini-game COW CATCHER (I won't go into the details) which he wants everyone to come and play. He lives in London so follows GMT (Greenwich Mean Time). He wants to run his game at 5pm on the 01/01/2017. You however live in America, in the East and hence follow the timezone EST, how do you know when to turn up to play Bob's mini-game?! This is the purpose of this thread.

Info About Time zones:
All the worlds time zones are currently centered around UTC which is based from GMT (Greenwich Mean Time) in London, except UTC does NOT follow Daylight Saving Time and GMT does. What is daylight saving time (DST) you ask? It is where you put your clocks forward or back an hour depending on the time of year. I am lucky that I live in the UK so I can use GMT which is a recognized standard around the world and I always announce my mini-game times in GMT, however a HUGE problem with time zones is places don't start DST at the same time of the year! I could be say 5 hours ahead of EST, but if they suddenly start DST and my country hasn't started yet I am now only going to be 4 hours ahead of them, this means I could easily miss an event and turn up an hour late. This means we have to check time zones at the date of the event, luckily I have a very useful website :)

Meet your new favorite website >>> HERE <<<

This website not only tells you the time in another part of the world but lets you enter the date so will calculate the time and check things such as DST, how simple!

It is fairly easy to use but I will give a talk through using Bob's scenario.

So when you open the website the first thing we do is enter the date of the event. Bob said the 01/01/2017, so this is what I put in. He said it will occur at 5pm, so we also put this in. Now for location click the BLUE "Time Zones..." button to the left of the drop down menu. He was using GMT so scroll down the list and click on "GMT (Europe)" as he is in London we don't want "GMT (Africa)", then Step 2: says pick location. You do NOT want the one that says all year UTC as this won't use DST and I can bet you anything Bob is not going to have thought, "mmm, I have recently put my clocks forward so I need to see if I'm now using DST and recalculate the time... So take off an hour and...." yeah you get the idea. So don't pick the UTC one, pick the one which says London as this is where Bob is. Now click select! :D Now you need to do the same again for your time zone. I'm going to use EST as the example. So I go to the time zones button, EST (North America), then lets pretend I live in New York, so I click that. Now I click select and then the green button CONVERT TIME. It will now give you a table with the time where you are converting from, so London, 5pm, and underneath the time that the event will be where you live, in this case 12pm EST. And there you have it, how to calculate time zones!


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