My absence + announcement = ?

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My absence + announcement = ?

Post by Paxination on Wed Mar 13, 2013 8:27 pm

I felt like this belonged more in the announcement section as I am announcing something as well.

I will be inactive IN GAME due to 2 things....

1. I got a job, started today. Work mornings so I wont be on till 5-6pm est. And then my days off. I know I have nothing to worry about here, just letting everyone know where I am at.

2. OasisChat! Some of ya'll will be is OasisChat. Well its one of our plugins that we have had almost as long as I have been staff (yeah not long). Its what currently houses our admin chat and several of our useful (/slap all) commands e.g. /slap tanaka91 (yeah I did it, you know you like da aboose). The next update for this plugin is a big update for me and I am trying my damnedess to get it done and tested by the time we update. This next update will now have PARTYCHAT! Thats right! The feature that we miss from mcMMO! I am on the verge of finishing it up as I type this out now, but I would like to thoroughly test it out before we update! If you wish to know how to use this feature of this plugin, keep an eye out on this thread as I will post a reply with all the commands and features thats being added!

Lead Plugin Developer for Oasis SMP, (thats right Mad, I said it again!)


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Re: My absence + announcement = ?

Post by bandityogo on Wed Mar 13, 2013 11:01 pm

Paxination wrote: so I wont be on till 5-6pm est.

but.... but..... but.... that's our time man ;(((.. ANYWHORE,
Congrats on the job man! and I guess I'll see you at 6:01

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