Zwall's Revamped Intro

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Zwall's Revamped Intro

Post by Zwall99 on 1/24/2013, 10:00 pm

Zuttley just reminded me that i havent made a new intro in... What? 6-7 months? Welp, here we go.

Well hello everyone, this is your Zwall speaking. My old intro was too short. I cant let that happen again. So.. Uhm.. Story time i guess?

The Tale of Wally-Z

This begins back in august of 2011. I was on xbox, playing halo with my friends, and then they start talking about this game. From what they were saying, i thought it was some sort of medieval fantasy game. Similar to RuneScape. I asked 'What game are you talking about?' He responded, 'Minecraft.' I had no idea what this game was, but it wasnt on my mind at the time. So we just kept playing halo.

When everyone got off, i did some google research. I was off by a long shot of what the game was. My first thought was 'Hmm.. Looks like legos.' One of the friends i was playing Halo with, Fuzzyplats, also looked into the game. We both decided it was a good decision to buy it. Me and Fuzzy always had some sort of pc game in common. Back in the day when my pc wasnt total shit, we would play Wizard 101. Right up until it tried to hack my pc, we would play that. After a few viruses, i finally quit the game. We were in search for a new game, and minecraft was the perfect fit. He bought it before me, because i was on vacation for a week. The night i got back, i made an account. I was sort of in a rush to play, and i wrote in for the username Zwall99. Its a relatively new username for me. Minecraft was the second website i have used it on. The first if a whole different story.


The first thing i did was play classic, because i hadnt fully purchased it yet. I thought classic and regular were the same, so i was trying to take the easy way out. First thing i did was Facetime Fuzzy, this was before we had skype, and the first thing i asked was 'How do i move.' Yep. How do i move. I never played an WASD games before. The unfamilar hand placement actually made my wrist ache.

Soon enough we found a server. We played on it for the remainder of 1.7.3, but after the update, because of the new multiplayer menu, we lost the i.p. So we started looking again. Everyday, we would get on Facetime, and look through server lists on this ipod app we both had. One day, when we got on after a few days of not talking, he says to me, 'Hey i found a server and it looks pretty cool. Its called Oasis SMP.' I was expecting it to turn out like the previous servers we went through. Go in, look around, back out, delete. But we stayed. And we played. And in a weeks time, we werent leaving.

So thats the story of how i came to oasis. If you stayed woth it for the whole thing, you deserve a medal.

Thanks for reading.

- Zwall
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Re: Zwall's Revamped Intro

Post by Kevo235 on 1/24/2013, 11:54 pm

True story.

(still not as long as mine though)
((if you know what I mean ;}))
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